Why “Spring Branch”?

The original Spring House on the Spring Branch of the Huzzah Creek.

Our co-founder Chris grew up visiting his family’s farm in Crawford County, Missouri. The most prominent feature of the farm is a spring that flows year round. While it doesn’t have an official name, locals refer to it as the Spring Branch. This spring runs into Huzzah Creek, a floatable stream which captures much of the beauty that is the Ozarks. Friends, neighbors and passersby have always been welcome to fill a bottle at “the branch” or cool their feet in its frigid water. Chris’s grandpa even kept a cup on a stick nearby in case someone didn’t have a canteen.  During times of drought, people would travel by horse and wagon to fill up, then camp overnight before returning home.  Many years ago, the family built a pump house at the mouth of the spring using native rocks and other materials they had on hand.  This Spring House still stands today and is at the center of our logo, depicting the essence of our brand.

Family history and fond memories first led us to call our company Spring Branch Kombucha. For us it conjures images of our tightly knit community woven together over several generations by a common thread. Spring Branch Kombucha is built upon the dreams we have for our family as well as the foundation of the traditions of previous generations.

Located near Wilson’s Creek on the west side of Springfield, our roots are right here in the heart of the Ozarks. We love float trips, hiking, and cookouts. Our friends are farmers, entrepreneurs, and academics. We value both tradition and progress and the undeniably well kept secret of our beautiful rolling landscape. “Spring Branch” succinctly captures these attributes.

Finally, a natural spring offers pure refreshment. By using the best ingredients and the utmost care in our brewing process, we aim to do the same by providing our customers with low friction healthy options.