Make Room for Pie!

Photo of 16 oz. glass growler filled with Apple Pie kombucha, with a white basket of various apples in the background.

Several years ago–before we had children–I began baking and attempting to perfect my favorite apple pie. I gathered tips from blogs, cookbooks, and veteran pie makers in my family. One cousin told me about a similar quest and confessed to making a pie every day for a few weeks until he perfected his! I was less dedicated to my cause, but over the years I have found what I consider to be the perfect combination of flavors for what I imagine apple pie should be. The secret? Use a few different varieties of apples for a complex flavor profile and don’t be shy about the spice.

This week we are thrilled to put my former hobby to work in our new Apple Pie kombucha! We used a variety of locally grown apples from our friends at Gardener’s Orchard here in Brighton, Missouri, and a unique combination of spices that we hope will warm you up and ease you into the late fall season. I also hope it leaves you guessing just a bit, asking yourself, “What is that familiar taste I can’t quite describe?”

Kombucha provides an open platform for an infinite combination of flavors, and it’s one of the most exciting things about this job! The true privilege, however, is sharing this journey of exploration with you.