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As we walked along a quaint boardwalk in Florida (circa 2009), we happened along a tiny, vibrantly painted and classic looking beach shack offering kayak rentals and guided tours. We stood there for a few moments staring and chatting. What a life! Waking up to go work on the beach every day, paddling kayaks through the ocean waters. Wearing board shorts and tank tops instead of suits, and most of all: owning your livelihood. The quintessential American dream wrapped up in that brilliant wood frame outbuilding.

To anyone else, the experience might’ve been unremarkable. But that was the moment we both set our intentions toward owning our own business.

Over the next eight years we worked hard. We expanded our family, did a lot of brainstorming (most of which involved the best mediocre ideas you’ll never hear), and finally here we are!

Chris brewed beer for several years before he began drinking kombucha regularly for better health. He kicked his diet soda habit, felt better, and continued to make healthy lifestyle changes. He already owned all the equipment for a home brewery and decided to experiment with his new favorite fermented beverage.

I was a skeptic (everyone has a role to play on the team!) and repeatedly declined Chris’ offers to try his brew. “No, thank you,” I would say. “I’m not the biggest fan of kombucha anyway, so I’ll stick with the brands I know I can drink.” Then one day out of the blue he said, “I think this is good enough to sell. I think this might actually work for a business!” Of course, I had to try it then (in case it was horrible)!

Turns out my husband was right, which is usually the case. I was hooked! Within a couple of weeks I was sharing it with my girlfriends, one of whom—when told of our business idea—vowed to “pay anything and go anywhere. Just tell me when you have it and how to get it!” That was early spring, 2017, and I still can’t believe I’m sitting here typing out our story for our business web site, while our brewery is under construction (for only a couple more weeks)!

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is difficult for many Americans. Making time for fun or having a couple of laughs each day can be an even bigger challenge. We hope to help you do both, offering you low friction, healthy choices with our bold flavors brewed right here in the heart of the Ozarks!

Cheers!—Jessica Ollis, November 29, 2017

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