MĀLAMA – Ginger, Hibiscus & Strawberry Kombucha



On August 8, 2023, the island of Maui faced devastating wildfires, becoming the deadliest wildfire tragedy in the U.S. in over a century. These fires claimed at least 114 lives and left hundreds missing. The historic town of Lāhainā bore the brunt of the destruction, with over 2,200 structures destroyed and an estimated $5.5 billion in damages.

Since the initial outbreak, our friends at Vitalitea Hawaii have been on the frontline, offering supplies, ice, and beverages to those affected. Their latest initiative involves leading a fundraising drive for the Hawaii Community Foundation’s #MauiStrong Fund. MĀLAMA is a collaboration among fellow kombucha brewers, with each producing their own distinct version of a ginger, hibiscus, and strawberry kombucha. All proceeds from the sale of MĀLAMA will be directed to the relief efforts. Spring Branch Kombucha is honored to contribute to this collaboration.

A special THANK YOU to Ample Labels and Longitude Branding & Design for their generosity in donating their expertise and resources for our version of the MĀLAMA label. In addition to Vitaltea Hawaii, we’re proud to collaborate with the following breweries on this project:  Han’s Kombucha, Boro Beverage and Big Island Booch Kombucha.

To learn more about the MĀLAMA Maui Collaboration, click HERE.


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