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Kombucha and Chocolate: A Culinary Delight

Have you ever pondered the thought of pairing your Kombucha with chocolate?

Some time ago, we embarked on an exploration harmonizing the tart, effervescence of Spring Branch Kombucha with Springfield’s renowned Askinosie Chocolate, and the results were delightfully memorable

A Rise in Kombucha Pairings

The burgeoning popularity of kombucha has ushered in fresh and imaginative opportunities for culinary pairings. Wine might traditionally reign supreme in pairing scenarios, but an increasing number of enthusiasts have sought non-alcoholic alternatives for diverse occasions. Kombucha, with its vibrant flavors and unique characteristics devoid of alcohol’s drawbacks, has gained favor. While it seamlessly complements cheeses and fermented foods, the prospect of pairing it with chocolate seemed both exciting and promising. The tantalizing sharpness of kombucha seemed apt to complement the silky allure of chocolate.

Kombucha and Chocolate: A Dance of Flavors

It's worth noting that every batch of kombucha is distinct. This living brew varies with external factors, making every experience unique and exciting.

Pairing it with premium chocolate is almost intuitive given their commonalities. Both originate from fermentation processes and have uncomplicated core ingredients. However, both also offer a rich tapestry of flavors, teasing the palate with unexpected hints of spices or fruits.

The ethos behind Askinosie Chocolate aligns harmoniously with that of Spring Branch Kombucha. Both prioritize authentic, unadulterated ingredients. Askinosie Chocolate stands out with its in-house cocoa butter derived from directly-sourced cocoa beans. Their transparency in ingredient sourcing and their bean-to-bar process results in a luxurious treat that stands unparalleled.

Embarking on a Culinary Collaboration

Even though pairing may not be an expertise for everyone, admiration for Askinosie Chocolate was widespread. So, when the idea of integrating Askinosie Chocolate with Spring Branch Kombucha came about, it was backed by much personal appreciation. It was heartening to realize the mutual excitement between both teams. The resulting collaboration saw a series of pairing sessions that resonated well with enthusiasts.

Here are some of the notable pairings:

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Particularly memorable was a guest who, unfamiliar with kombucha, admitted to enjoying the experience. Notably, the pairing of Lemon Hops with the Zeke Bar stood out for many.

This experiment's success promises further culinary adventures with kombucha. For now, we're curious to know: what's your perfect food pairing with Spring Branch Kombucha? Would you be keen on a kombucha pairing session? Share your thoughts below or on our social platforms.

Cheers to culinary explorations!

To learn more about direct trade chocolate, please visit Askinosie chocolate at or visit their factory on historic Commercial Street in Springfield:

514 E. Commercial St.
Springfield, MO 65803


MON-FRI: 9-5
SAT-SUN: 10-4


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