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Support Maui Wildfire Victims Through MĀLAMA: A Collaborative Kombucha Initiative

In early August 2023, Maui experienced devastating wildfires, marking the deadliest wildfire event in the U.S. in over a century. These fires claimed at least 114 lives and left hundreds missing. The historic town of Lāhainā bore the brunt of the destruction, with over 2,200 structures destroyed, leading to damages estimated at $5.5 billion.

Our friends at Vitalitea Hawaii took immediate action after the tragedy. They have worked to provide much-needed supplies, ice, and beverages to those affected. A highlight of their support efforts is the introduction of MĀLAMA, a ginger, hibiscus, and strawberry kombucha. This is not a singular effort but a collaboration among several kombucha brewers, each crafting their own version of this flavor. The entirety of the proceeds from the sales of MĀLAMA will be donated to the Hawaii Community Foundation’s #MauiStrong Fund. Spring Branch Kombucha is honored to be a part of this collaborative initiative.

Our collaboration on MĀLAMA is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase online and at our Farmers Market of the Ozarks location.  Mama Jean’s Natural Market is our exclusive retail partner for this project. 100% of our proceeds from its sales will directly support the #MauiStrong Fund.

Spring Branch Kombucha would like to offer a special thank you to Ample Labels and Longitude Branding & Design for their generosity in donating their expertise and resources for the design and labels for our version of MĀLAMA. In addition to Vitaltea Hawaii, we’re proud to collaborate with the following breweries on this project:  Han’s Kombucha, Boro Beverage and Big Island Booch Kombucha.

How Can You Help?

While purchasing MĀLAMA is a flavorful way to lend support, we recognize some may wish to offer direct assistance. If you're interested in making a direct cash donation, here are four reliable platforms ensuring your contributions have a direct impact:

100% of the proceeds from MĀLAMA sales will be directed to the #MauiStrong Fund, ensuring funds are channeled to those most in need. With combined efforts and support, we aim to meaningfully contribute to Maui's recovery and rebuilding process.

Thank you for your unwavering support and for joining us on this journey of healing and restoration.

2 thoughts on “Support Maui Wildfire Victims Through MĀLAMA: A Collaborative Kombucha Initiative

  1. Jon DuPont says:

    Hey guys, thank you so much for contributing! Very much appreciated. So cool to see people from all over helping out. Mahalo!

    Jon @ Vitalitea

    1. Chris Ollis says:

      We’re thrilled to be part of the collaboration group. Many thanks to Vitalitea for organizing!

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